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Mowing Services

Yardworx Outdoor Services has a long history of providing dependable lawn care services in Twin Cities Metro Area.  

There is no job too big or small for Yardworx Outdoor Services. We have experience with properties of all sizes from small commercial courtyards to large industrial properties. We know that every property is unique, so our team will work with you to come up with a complete lawn care plan that will ensure a healthy, happy lawn every season. 

Weed Control

Weeds are often a top yard-related problem. They compete with grass and garden plants for water and important nutrients. In addition, many weeds are unsightly and can quickly overrun your entire property. Yardworx Outdoor Services’ weed control services will fend off weeds and keep your turf healthy and green. 

Lawn Fertilization Services 

Professional fertilization provides many benefits to the overall look and health of your lawn. Fertilizer provides essential nutrients such as nitrogen to plants to help them grow. Lawns that are regularly fertilized are proven to be thicker, greener, and more resilient to daily use such as walking and playing.

Core Aeration 

Just like people, lawns need fresh air to stay healthy. But when the soil underneath your grass gets compacted, less air and nutrients can get through, causing problems with your grass. The solution is aerating your lawn. Core aeration is a process that involves removing plugs, or cores, of soil from the ground to allow air, water, and nutrients to reach more places in the soil. The team at Yardworx Outdoor Services know that core aeration is an important part of lawn maintenance and want to help always keep your yard beautiful.

Spring & Fall Cleanups

Spring and fall clean-up services are important for the health of your lawn just as they are good for the curb appeal of your property. Sticks and leaves can cover the grass and block the sunlight that it needs to grow. They can also suffocate the grass and other plants, leaving your lawn barren and dull. Leaves and other debris can also provide places for insects and rodents to live. Keeping your yard free and clear can help prevent these pests from making themselves at home on your property, keeping you safe, and preventing damage to your lawn. 

Irrigation Maintenance

An irrigation system is a critical part of keeping your yard green and healthy, and Yardworx Outdoor Services is the area’s leader in servicing. We service all shapes and sizes of properties and gardens. 

We can both get your system up and running for the summer season and prepare your irrigation system for frigid temperatures.

Save time and money with Yardworx Outdoor Services’ irrigation winterization and sprinkler blowout services. It is best to schedule winterization services before the first hard freeze. The exact date varies by year, make sure to schedule services between late September and early October.

A maintained lawn is essential to an attractive, inviting property. Hiring a professional lawn care company will ensure that your yard stays pristine year-round. You can expect the highest quality of work, a professional and courteous staff, and dedication to you and your property.

Yardworx Outdoor Services uses industry-leading weed control products that have been tested for safety and efficacy. Our weed killer safely and effectively gets rid of unsightly weeds without adverse effects on your family and pets. After the weed killer solution is applied, allow 1-2 hours to dry, and then your lawn is safe to play and spend time on

Professional fertilization provides many benefits to the overall look and health of your lawn. Fertilizer provides essential nutrients such as nitrogen to plants to help them grow. Lawns that are regularly fertilized are proven to be thicker, greener, and more resilient to daily use such as walking and playing. Healthier lawns also have less bald spots and are more resistant to drought and pests. Yardworx Outdoor Services’ lawn fertilization services can help your yard become healthier and more beautiful.

The best time for core aeration is during seasons of high growth when the grass can easily regrow to fill in the holes. Mid-spring and early fall are the most popular times for core aeration. Many property owners choose to overseed their lawns after aeration to take advantage of the better seed-to-soil contact that core aeration offers.

Yardworx Outdoor Services can help get your yard back in order and ready for spring. Spring clean-up services include removal of fallen leaves and sticks, pruning of trees and shrubs, and overall tidying up of your yard.We recommend adding other services such as overseeding or fertilization to your Spring Clean-Up services to ensure a beautiful, green lawn for the spring and summer months.

In the fall, Yardworx Outdoor Services will remove leaves and debris from your entire property and remove fallen leaves from all areas including flower beds and other landscaped areas so your yard stays healthy in the winter months, too.

Exceptional quality and professional service are just a few of the things you can expect from Yardworx Outdoor Services. 


Unkempt systems can wreak havoc on your lawn, leading to soggy spots that let in weeds and disease as well as dead spots where the water is no longer reaching. In addition, troublesome irrigation systems can lead to tons of wasted water and higher utility bills. Irrigation systems can be complex to work with, but the team at Yardworx Outdoor Services are highly trained to diagnose and repair your system. Our lawn care technicians are experienced in working with a variety of irrigation systems so that we can help you get your system working properly.

Since 2017, Yardworx Outdoor Services has been providing the best irrigation services in the area. We promise upfront pricing, professional staff, and dependable service to all customers in the Twin Cities Metro Area.

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